Solenoid Valves

Jefferson Valves are used in a great variety of systems and different industrial areas that handle water, air, steam, light oils, neutral gases and cryogenic fluids, from vacuum to high pressure and high temperature.

Some application examples are: automatic petrol and beverage pumps, sector-programmed park irrigation, sown land, dancing water fountains, oxyacetylene welding equipments, electric welding under inert atmosphere, fire-extinguisher systems, liquid or gas dosing, liquid level regulation, packing machines, water treatment systems, pneumatic expellers, car washing machines, building exterior cleaning machines, nickelplating process, galvanization, coffee machines, car systems against theft or gas selection systems, air heating systems, hot water, steam, hot oils, laboratory or industrial cryogenic systems, low and high vacuum regulation, ink drying systems, etc..  General Catalog