Air Dryer's

Contact Swico for all your dryer needs.  Most dryers can ship within 24 hours.  Heatless Dryers, Heated Dryers, Refrigerated Dryers (Heavy Duty, Shop Series and ECO series Dryers). BP Dryers, MIni Dryers, and Packaged Systems.

Twin Tower regenerative dryers are the dryers of choice when traditional refrigerated dryers do not provide sufficient air quality demands.  Arrow's reliable RH heatless series dryer produces -40F dewpoints and can be optimized to be as low as -100F. The dryer utilizes activated alumina for efficient drying of compressed air.

Shop Series Dryer Industrial Compressed Air Dryer. The Shop Series are a cost effective alternative to significantly more expensive models that provide the same level of protection.  Avoid corrosion and equipement breakdown due to excessive moisture or longterm exposure to high levels of humidity.  With eight mdels to choose from STYLAIR has the right solution for you.

F Series Refrigerated Air Dryers

Packaged Systems: We can build air drying systems to customer specifications: See package examples below.  Call for a quotation and information.

5 HP Dryer Package

7.5 HP High Pressure Package

25 HP Dryer Package

Dual 100 HP Package

Triplex 7.5 HP Package